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Audrey Spall's Handprint

Audrey Spall
Dislocated Elbow
Spall Restrained

Jo: Bruises left temple
Jo: Dislocated elbow
Jo: Another head injury
Jo: Abuse Report
Jo: Scratches

"I accidentally slapped her in the face."

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Jo: Age - 4 yrs, 1 mo (July 30, 1991)
Injury: Bruises, left temple, depicting Audrey Spall's handprint.

(video captured)

Father: So tell me again what happened here?
    Jo: Hit me.
Father: Who?
    Jo: Mom.
Father: When?
    Jo: Today.

Hear the audio track from the videotape.

"Regrettably, on one occasion when my daughter was having a tantrum and was physically attacking me, and while I was trying to restrain her, I attempted to swat her in the rear-end.  Because Jo was flailing about, I accidentally slapped her in the face."

Jo's mother, Audrey Spall, 7-7-92 in her declaration, signed under penalty of perjury.

Less than a month after sustaining the above injury Jo sustained another head injury while in her mother's custody.  I did not learn of the subsequent (8-21-91) head injury until ten months later when I obtained a copy of Jo's medical file.

I had told Jo back in July to call me if her mother were to hit her in the face again and I promised her I would "make it stop."

On  March 2, 1992, Jo called and told me her mother had slapped her in the face again.  I called CPS and finally reported Jo's mother for suspected physical child abuse.

"I am sure a review of my daughter's complete medical file at Dr. Brosbe's office will indicate proper health care and concern on my part."

Audrey Spall, July 7, 1992, declaration

A review.

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Scan of Jo's medical file initialed by her pediatrician, Dr. Herbert Brosbe, M.D., Santa Rosa.