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"yanked it"

Audrey Spall
Dislocated Elbow
Spall Restrained

Jo: Bruises left temple
Jo: Dislocated elbow
Jo: Another head injury
Jo: Abuse Report
Jo: Scratches

"I am sure a review of my daughter's complete medical file at Dr. Brosbe's office will indicate proper health care and concern on my part."

Jo's mother, Audrey Spall, 7-7-92 declaration.

Jo's Dislocated Elbow

"I deny that my daughter's dislocated elbow was a result of corporeal punishment or abuse as alleged by Father. On that occasion, I was holding my daughter's hand in the Safeway parking lot... my daughter did not want me to hold her hand and she fell to her knees. Because I was holding her hand, her elbow was injured. Dr. Brosbe, the doctor who made a report to Child Protective Service at the insistence of Father, was very reassuring that he had done the same thing with his five children."

Jo's mother, Audrey Spall, in her declaration signed under penalty of perjury, 7-7-92.

Based on her court pleadings Jo's mother seems to be saying Jo, age two, supplied the force that dislocated her own elbow.

However, in her medical file Jo's pediatrician, Dr. Herbert Brosbe,  wrote that Jo sustained the injury when Jo's mother "yanked on her arm."

From Jo's medical file ...

dislocatedelbow.gif (7322 bytes)

Scan from Jo's medical file initialed by her pediatrician, Dr. Herbert Brosbe, M.D., Santa Rosa.